About Sasi

Sasan Ghods, born in 1985, with an interest in drawing, visual arts. From the early ages and because of Disney animations, I was looking for a hobby to make things with different technics. I started by making toys and sketching and painting the cartoon characters. And at last I graduated from Tehran University in Animation, Traditional Art.

I started professionally in the years 2007 to 2011 by working in Didar Film studio where I got the opportunity to cooperate in animations like “The White Wall” and 3D construction of the movie “The Time Bandits” by Terry Gilliam. Along with working in the studio I got interested in tattoo art but I only did it as a hobby. From the years 2011 to 2012 I started my professional career in tattoo art.

In the first years, due to lack of sources of information and tattoo art being illegal in Iran, it was really hard to learn the techniques and I had to learn in a trial and error order.

Although after having access to educational resources, books and movies and through years of experience I got skilled in this art.

In most civilized countries ,tattoo had been known as a taboo and deconstruction which was for lawbreakers ,prostitutes, prisoners and the outcast people in general but fortunately, today this way of thinking has turned into a modern artistic branch and body decoration. Iran is not an exception. Even in a country such as America tattoo had been done legally and freely for over 60 years. The last state of America legalized tattooing
around 6 years ago and before that it was deemed illegal. Unfortunately, in Iran this art is done neither legally nor utterly illegally and luckily it is not thought of as badly today as it was in the past.

Unfortunately today is thought of as a way to make money, when it is an art with high capacities of manoeuvring in different styles and fashions all around the world and each tattoo artist has a special style and method of applying this interactive art. And a special design is designated for each individual with different point of views. As I mentioned, tattoo is an art and to be liked, it needs different tastes.

First of all a tattoo artist is considered a businessman. We all need a way to make money and overcome the daily costs of living like health expenses; An artist is not an exception.

An artist will take a fee which that fee is years of experience, work, self-sacrifice, studying and most importantly, love for the job. And the artist will leave his art on your body for a lifetime.when an artist begins his work and takes the pen into his hands, that’s when he becomes an artist.
To make a living, an artist puts up his time, talent and art and starts creating a world of patterns and makes an art that holds the costs within its patterns and the worth of this art can not be measured by money and fees.

“As much as a good tattoo can make you feel good, a bad one can make you regret the whole thing and make you cynical about this art.”